About Us


The Horses Body Company has been developed by a team of individuals that have a passion for horses being as comfortable and well cared for as possible. The Equine Body Buddy product was inspired by Mary Catherine Kidd (MC Kidd), an equine body worker, after she worked on thousands of performance horses where many of them lived in small enclosures and small box stalls. Her idea was to incorporate a self massage device that could be installed anywhere to give horses relief.

Lynn Strauman is a partner in the business and has over fifty years experience working in the horse industry as a lifelong competitor and breeder that is passionate about horses' well being. Lynn's collaboration on product development has been crucial and she continues to be contributor to the equine industry with her performance horse Gypsy breadline and advocating on all horses behalf.


James Parker is a partner in the business and has over 40 years of experience working in the engineering field in many aspects of manufacturing. Through his passion for the equine well-being, he has applied his expertise to develop multiple concepts, prototypes and field testing to bring the Equine Body Buddy through the patent process and to market. In collaboration with the other partners, James is continuing to develop next generation products for the equine industry.